Introducing Business Wire Interactive Media

Interact With Your Audience on a Whole New Level

Business Wire Interactive Media bundles interactive content with your news release, dramatically improving engagement


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Watch the Webinar

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Each StorySetTM attracts and engages journalists, influencers and prospects through interactive hotspots and calls to action.

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The StorySetTM interactive format helps you tell the full story, using a variety of media to keep your audience engaged.

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Each StorySetTM uses your existing infographics, customer video clips, product reviews and high impact visuals to support your story.

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Deliver your story into the newsrooms of outlets such as AP, Dow Jones, AFP and Bloomberg - as well social channels, search engines and more.

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Measure business impact with real-time reports tracking engagement, mentions and key message adoption.

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In fact studies show that interactive content yields 2x longer engagements and 91% of B to B buyers prefer to consume visual interactive content.

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Activate your audience by presenting your news in their preferred format – textual, visual or interactive.

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Improve engagement and message adoption through interactive learning.

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Bring new life to existing assets in creative, informative and visually appealing ways.